Terms and conditions of use

All the services and information accessible on the Fondation Tel-jeunes website are subject to the following terms and conditions. By using this information, the Service User (the “User”) accepts to comply with these terms and conditions of use.

The Fondation Tel-jeunes reserves the right to modify these conditions at all times and without warning, by placing notices of changes directly within this website.

Service description

The Fondation Tel-jeunes currently provides users with the possibility of donating online and obtaining a tax receipt.

Except for explicit dispositions to the contrary, all new characteristics that improve or enhance one or more existing service(s) or any new service launched by the Fondation Tel-jeunes will be subjected to these conditions.

Conditions of use

The fees necessary for use of the service (fees for an internet connection or to systems providing access to the web content) are at the sole expense of the User. Further, it is the User’s responsibility to dispose himself or herself of any materials necessary to ensuring this connection and the protection thereof.

Protection of personal information

The Fondation Tel-jeunes is attentive to the User’s security and privacy, particularly in regard to the personal information the User may share in using this service. The User must also consult the “Privacy Policy” section of this site to learn our practices.

Restrictions regarding use of content

Except indications to the contrary, all text, images and other content on this site (hereafter called “Content”) are protected by copyright. This documentation may not be reproduced for purposes other than personal reasons without prior written permission from the Fondation Tel-jeunes.
Therefore, it is forbidden to:

  • Counterfeit the headers or manipulate in any way the Content transmitted via the Tel-jeunes website;
  • Download, post, forward by email or any other means any Content containing viruses or any other code, file or program designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any telecommunications software, computer, application or tool (without prejudice; this list may incomplete);
  • Obstruct, perturb or abusively use the site, servers, networks connected to the site, or refuse to comply with the required conditions, procedures, general rules or regulatory clauses applicable to the networks connected to the Site;
  • Violate, intentionally or unintentionally, any national or international law or regulations in effect, as well as any other rule having force of order;
  • Collect and conserve personal data from or about other users;
  • Sell, resell or operate with any commercial intention any part of the Fondation Tel-jeunes website, use of service or access to the said site.

Links to other websites

This site does not contain automatic links. The Fondation Tel-jeunes site or a third party may, however, include links to other web sites or internet sources. The Fondation Tel-jeunes is committed to removing any link, as soon as it is notified, to a site containing works reproduced without permission. Since it cannot control these external sites and sources, the Fondation Tel-jeunes cannot be held responsible for their availability, and cannot assume any responsibility for the content, links, publicities, products, services or any other materials available in or from these external sites or sources. The Fondation Tel-jeunes cannot be held responsible for any damage or loss (proven or alleged) consecutive to or in relation to use of or having entrusted the Content to goods or services available on these external sites or sources.

As a result, the discretion of the use of the Content is the User’s responsibility, and this latter must assume all related risks, particularly when trusting the opportunity, utility or thoroughness of the content of the external sites and sources offered on the site.

Use and conservation

The Fondation Tel-jeunes can impose general rules and limits on the use of the site, particularly but not limited to, setting a maximum number of times a service can be accessed in a given period (as well as the maximal length of each session).

Moreover, the Fondation Tel-jeunes cannot be held responsible for the User’s personal installations. It offers no guarantee for the suppression or lack of conservation of data.


The Fondation Tel-jeunes cannot guarantee that:

  • Its service will not be interrupted, come at the right time, be secure or free of all error.
  • The results that can be obtained when using this service will be exact and trustworthy.

Only the User is responsible for all damage to his or her computer or any loss of data resulting from downloading materials from the site.

Limitation of responsibility

To the extent permitted by regulation in effect, the Fondation Tel-jeunes cannot at any time be held responsible for direct or indirect damage, including but not limited to, data or any other loss of immaterial goods, even if the Fondation Tel-jeunes was informed of the potentiality of such damage, that could arise:

  • From using or the impossibility of using the service;
  • Following unauthorized access to the service by a User;
  • Following the conduct of a third party when using the service.


These Conditions of Use for the service constitute the totality of the agreement between the Fondation Tel-jeunes and the User, in terms of service use, and replace any prior agreement between the User and Tel-jeunes for service use. The User can also be subjected to additional conditions of use specific to certain services, content or software from a third party and that will be communicated when accessing these services, contents or software. Should the Fondation Tel-jeunes not exercise its recognized rights to apply these conditions is not a renunciation of these rights. Should one such disposition of these Conditions of Use be cancelled by a court decision, the other dispositions remain valid and applicable. Article titles are for reference only.

Cancellation and reimbursment policy

Terms and conditions of use

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