Difficult situation for Tel-jeunes and LigneParents

March 24, 2020

The Tel-jeunes Foundation needs your help and is launching a crowdfunding campaign—the very first in its history! Even though the demand for the services of Tel-jeunes and LigneParents is rising, the Tel-jeunes Foundation was forced to cancel its main fundraising events. The proceeds from the crowdfunding campaign will be used to maintain services and boost the response rate for young people and parents.

The impact of COVID-19

The number of requests for Tel-jeunes’ services has gone up and psychological health issues now account for nearly 50% of the requests received. Confinement-related anxiety, uncertainties, difficult family relationships and widespread concerns are taking their toll on young people. Most requests for help are received in writing (e.g. chat/text messages), which take more time to respond to than phone calls. Young people and parents who had been experiencing family difficulties in normal times and who are now confined to their homes are in great need.

An essential safety net in times of crisis

Tel-jeunes’ professionals have become an essential safety net for many young people who no longer have access to their regular social services because many of their contacts in the school and healthcare systems, as well as in private practice, are not at work. These young people are now turning to Tel-jeunes for help.

"We’re seeing a surge in requests and the numbers could keep on rising. The wait time to reach a professional can be very long in some cases. We’re in a situation in which our teams are working non-stop. We’ve added more staff during the evenings, but we need more financial aid," said Vanessa Blouin, Director of Quality, Performance and Partnerships at Tel-jeunes/LigneParents. She added: "Over the past few days, we’ve only been able to respond to 50% of the requests. Considering the gravity of some situations, it’s stressful. It’s imperative that we take action.".

Sending out an appeal to all Quebecers

At this time, all Tel-jeunes and LigneParents teams are working to maintain 24/7 services and to respond to as many young people and parents as possible. For that reason, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched.

"The situation is critical and we’re sending out an appeal to all Quebecers. Donating is really the only way to help us at this time. I should note that we don’t need any volunteers; our services for young people and parents are delivered by trained professionals. We really hope that many people will respond to our appeal," said Céline Muloin, President and Executive Director of the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

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The Tel-jeunes Foundation crowdfunding campaign

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