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December 01, 2020



The last few months have been difficult.

For Mathilde, 15 years old, who confided to us via text message that her long-distance relationship with her boyfriend has been causing her a lot of stress.

For an exhausted new mom who admitted on the phone that she never would have imagined her three-month-old son would be spending his first months of life far from his loving grandparents.


A challenge like the one we are all going through brings up different emotions. Of the many young people and parents our counsellors talk to each day, more than half said they are having a hard time, psychologically.  

The uncertainty, anxiety, travel and gathering restrictions and lack of activities are all factors that create conflict, cause worry, doubts and sometimes even distress in certain families.

Quebeckers’ mutual aid and solidarity are needed, especially during a holiday season that will likely be as strange as the months leading up to it.

By making a donation to Fondation Tel-jeunes today, you will be giving young people and parents access to counsellors available 24/7, who can provide them with support, answer their questions and help them get through the end of the year as best possible.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

The Fondation Tel-jeunes team 

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Each dollar invested in the Fondation Tel-jeunes is put directly to funding services for young people and parents in Quebec.

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