A Soirée Tel-jeunes brimming with generosity!

November 28, 2019

The 14th annual Soirée Tel-jeunes was held on November 27, 2019 at Entrepôts Dominion in Montréal, under the honorary presidency of Eric Bussières, Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer of Uni-Select Inc. Nearly 300 guests attended the event, which raised $104,225 for Fondation Tel-jeunes, the organization that supports the services provided by Tel-jeunes and LigneParents.

A loyal, involved partner

For 13 years now, Uni-Select Inc. has unconditionally supported Fondation Tel-jeunes in holding its various fundraising activities. By opting to be the presenting partner of this year’s Soirée Tel-jeunes, the company has unquestionably played a major role in the event’s success. Fuelled by determination and conviction, Mr. Bussières was actively involved in selling tickets with the help of a devoted and generous honorary committee.

No act is too small for a good cause

The $104,225 raised during this year’s Soirée Tel-jeunes will help fund Tel-jeunes and LigneParents, two professional support services available to Quebec’s young people and parents 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Some 52,000 young people and 14,000 parents used these services last year. It is vital that Tel-jeunes and LigneParents keep up with the changing technologies and methods of communication in order to stay relevant. Which is why the community’s support is so important.


Soirée Tel-jeunes was made possible thanks to presenting partner Uni-Select Inc. and associate partner Papillon + associés.

Thanks also to the support of six generous restaurant owners, whose chefs prepared delicious morsels offered to guests throughout the evening: 3734/Parreira, Agnus Dei, Ikanos, Taverne Gaspar, Vieille Europe and Wolf & Workman.

Special thanks to the Air Canada Foundation for donating four plane tickets one lucky person got to take home, and to our service partners who enhanced the event with their generous contribution: 333 Photo, Conservus, Freeman, Vinum.

Last, but not least, thanks to our guests. Your smiles, your interest, your donations for the auction, your participation in the drawing and your generosity in supporting the cause are all greatly appreciated.

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