Marina Orsini – the new spokesperson for LigneParents!

January 24, 2018

The actress and radio host Marina Orsini is the new spokesperson for LigneParents, a professional support and assistance hotline for parents, open 24/7.

A long-standing relationship

The relationship between Marina Orsini and Fondation Tel-jeunes goes back to 1991, when Marina was the first spokesperson for Tel-jeunes. She passed on the torch to Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse in 2016, and is now taking on the same role for LigneParents, Tel-jeunes's counterpart for Quebec's parents. This new role fits right in with Marina's own path. She has grown with the organization since its beginnings, and is now the mother of a 15-year-old boy.

« Today, I feel that my role is more to help out parents. As a mother, I know that being a parent comes with its share of concerns and questions. So now more than ever, I see how LigneParents's professional counsellors provide a service that is vital in supporting those who bring new children into the world and take on the responsibility of caring for them, with all of the joy, difficulties and pride that comes with the job.» – Marina Orsini

« I'm so proud that we were able to maintain our relationship with Marina, and that it could grow over the years. The trust and support of those near and dear to Fondation Tel-jeunes help us continue to work with youth and parents. », says Céline Muloin, president and CEO, Fondation Tel-jeunes.

About LigneParents
LigneParents is a counselling service available at any time of day over the phone (1-800-361-5085) or online chat at This free and confidential service is offered by professional counsellors to all parents across Quebec. Whether it is to provide timely parenting support, answers to parents' questions or emergency assistance, LigneParents is an important reference they can turn to at any time.

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