Our Campaign Team

The co-chairs are supported by many wonderful people who understand just how crucial Tel-jeunes’s and LigneParents’ work is.


Patrons d'honneur

Luc Buisson
Luc Buisson Vice-president (Quebec and Atlantic), HSBC
Eric R. La Flèche
Eric R. La Flèche Chief Executive Officer and President, Metro
Jacques Parisien
Jacques Parisien President and Boards member, Power Communications inc.
Michel Ringuet
Michel Ringuet President, Placements Mica3 inc.
Benoit Simard
Benoit Simard Vice-President, Business Solutions East, Strategy, Marketing & Planning, TELUS


Étienne Beaudry
Étienne Beaudry Vice-president - Sales and Development, Alda Développement
Eric Boyko
Eric Boyko President, Cofounder and Chief Executive, Stingray
Mathieu Cloutier
Mathieu Cloutier Vice-president, CEO, Tank
Diane Déry
Diane Déry
Céline Muloin
Céline Muloin President and CEO, Fondation Tel-jeunes
Éric Provost
Éric Provost Senior Vice-President of Commercial Banking, Laurentian Bank
Michel Tremblay
Michel Tremblay Executive Vice-President, Investments, iA Financial Group
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