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Funding the Fondation Tel-jeunes’ services

Support from the Fondation Tel-jeunes’ donors, partners and sponsors is crucial to Tel-jeunes’ and the LigneParents’ activities in Quebec. Over 75% of the budget for these services comes from the Fondation Tel-jeunes. Each gift has a direct impact on thousands of young people and parents who call on Tel-jeunes and LigneParents. Supporting the Fondation Tel-jeunes means that Sarah, who’s being bullied, can talk with someone after school. It gives Melanie, a new mom of twins, a place to vent without feeling judged. It means giving Jonathan, who’s going through hard times, the help and hope he so desperately needs in the middle of the night.

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Our Major Partners

Our major partners support the Fondation Tel-jeunes in more ways than one. Each partner helps develop our resources. In heartfelt recognition, this section is dedicated to them.


The partnership between Lassonde and Tel-jeunes goes back to the service's beginnings on March 5, 1991.

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Lont-time partner of Tel-jeunes and LigneParents services, in 2009, Metro became the official sponsor of the Fondation Tel-jeunes' Lobster Lunch. 

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Goals for the major fundraising campaign:

  • Improve our communication platforms to reach young people via the technology they use
  • Be a hub of information on parent-teen relationships
  • Produce and broadly diffuse video clips and webinars on topics relevant to young people
  • Be able to continue to offer our services 24/7
  • Improve and increase support networks among high-school students
  • Stay abreast of new social trends and provide the Tel-jeunes’ and LigneParents’ professional counselors with ongoing training
  • Develop a cutting edge expertise to benefit all educational institutions and social services

Tel-jeunes and LigneParents are available, since sometimes it is hard getting through life. Thank you for helping us ensuring the longevity and development of the Fondation Tel-jeunes and its services.

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