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A Word from the President

Dear guests,

On June 11th, I will be acting as honorary president of Fondation Tel-jeunes’ 35th Lobster Lunch. We hope that you will accept our invitation and join us in large number.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the already growing mental health crisis in Quebec. All across the province, people are grappling with loneliness and anxiety. With more and more people facing mental health and self-esteem issues, Tel-jeunes has ramped up its resources to respond to the growing demand. Thanks to the professionals at Tel-jeunes and LigneParents, who are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, people in distress can talk to someone who will listen to them and offer them helpful tools.

The success of this event is critical to maintaining these services. That is why I urge you to attend the virtual version of the benefit lunch, a major event uniting the business community in support of young people and parents across Quebec.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Robert Dumas, President and CEO, Sun Life Quebec.


Honorary Presidency

Robert Dumas, President and CEO, Sun Life Quebec

Honorary Committee

Luc Bernier, Banque Nationale

Julie Bourgault, EY

Ghyslain Deschamps, EBC

Véronique Dorval, Sun Life, Québec

Pierre-Luc Dumas, Pomerleau

Michel Fortin, Sun Life, Québec

Diane Hamel, Financière Manuvie

Yvan Héroux, NAI Terramont Commercial

Rosetta IaconoAdministration portuaire de Montréal

Martin Jacques, Pomerleau

Yanick JompheConsultants YJomphe

Éric Richer La Flèche, Metro Inc.

Jean-Michel Lavoie, Sun Life, Québec

Sylvain Morissette, Lassonde

Céline Muloin, Fondation Tel-jeunes

Éric Provost, Banque Laurentienne

Frank Tangredi, Sun Life, Québec

Stéphane Vigneault, Sun Life, Québec

Team Metro

Led by Serge Boulanger, Metro inc.

Martin Allaire Christina Bédard Geneviève Bich Raymond Bouchard
Marcel Boulianne Christian Bourbonnière Éric Côté Jean-Michel Coutu
Éric Dubois Marie-France Gibson Lyne Jetté Anna Kolakowski
Caroline Larocque Éric Legault Frédéric Legault Patrice Marchand
Richard Pruneau Simon Rivet Alain Tadros François Thibault
Demetri Tsigos      
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