Sales are closed, thank you! The Lobster Lunch is coming to you! Friday, June 11, at noon Presented by Metro Under the honorary presidency of Robert Dumas Sun Life Quebec

Lunch aux homards 2021

The Lobster Lunch came to you!

35th edition (again)

The 35th (bis) Lobster Lunch of the Tel-jeunes Foundation was virtually held on June 11! On this occasion, more than 2000 members of the business community offered their support to the Tel-jeunes Foundation. In accordance with a well-established tradition, participants enjoyed a delicious lobster-based meal!

$544,000 were raised for the 2021 Lobster Lunch!

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The event will take place as follows:

  • A gourmet box lunch will be delivered to your home 48 hours before the event. Click on the link below to see if we deliver to your area.
  • You will be given access to a large virtual gathering on June 11th, at noon. The groupings by table will create the same networking atmosphere so characteristic of the Lobster Lunch. You will be able to chat with colleagues and friends at your table, see who the other participants are and invite them to join you in the private virtual lounges to talk.


- Option 1 -

Buy a ticket (box lunch and virtual event access) for $350 (tax receipt for $200).
Sales are closed. Thank you!

- Option 2 -

Buy a table (10 tickets with box lunch and virtual access) for $3,500 (tax receipt for $2,000). 
Sales are closed. Thank you!

- Option 3 -

Virtual access only (without box lunch)
Sales are closed. Thank you!

- Option 4 -

Make a donation to support Fondation Tel-jeunes

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