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We help to boost the happiness of young people in Quebec by serving as a leading resource for them and their parents.

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A year ago, we were at the very start of a situation we knew was exceptional, but the whole scale of which we really couldn’t fathom. The pandemic and lockdown have punctuated the past months with highs and lows, hope and disappointment, and waves during which we were sometimes shaken, sometimes rocked.

At Tel-jeunes, we made every effort necessary to allow teens to continue to move forward, despite the winds and tides. At the lowest point of the wave, thousands of them made use of Tel-jeunes services. Online learning, isolation, confinement, working at home: there were many day-to-day challenges for young people and their families. For our teams, this troubled period was also an opportunity to probe teenagers’ reality a little more deeply and to do some self-examination. We are now certain that it’s by giving teens a forum and offering them a key role in developing our organization’s future actions that we will best be able to help them.

Reading this impact report will give you a good overview of the accomplishments (and they are many!) of the past year. Read it over, guided by the words of those who were at the heart of our year: those for whom we hope to make a real difference.

Our first thanks go to the Tel-jeunes team: your achievements are impressive. We also wish to offer our sincere thanks to the many partners, government ministries and donors who have enabled Tel-jeunes and LigneParents to continue their work and development despite difficult conditions. Thanks for standing beside us to weather this storm.Today we are confident that we will emerge stronger than ever.

Céline Muloin, president and executive director, Générations and Fondation Tel-jeunes

Stéphane Fillion, Générations board chair

Suzanne Gendron, Fondation Tel-jeunes board chair

The face of our services: our valued spokespeople

Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse
Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse Tel-jeunes spokesperson
Marina Orsini
Marina Orsini LigneParents spokesperson

Financial statements

The very first youth committee

For the very first time, Tel-jeunes benefitted from the contributions of a youth committee. Made up of twelve very enthusiastic individuals between the ages of 15 and 22, the committee examined the issue of diversity and ensured that Tel-jeunes remains inclusive in its communications and content. The committee was sponsored by Nicolas Ouellet. This very positive experience will be repeated next year. The concept of working for and with young people is well established at Tel-jeunes. This approach allows the team to stay abreast of the ideas, interests and concerns of its target clientele: youth. 

Meet the committee and their projects (in French)

A major challenge

Many requests, longer interventions

With a 25% increase in requests to the intervention centre, the Tel-jeunes team found itself facing a major challenge: responding within a reasonable time to a greater number of young people. Despite four rounds of hiring during the year, the challenge remains. Interventions are increasingly long. A written intervention (text or chat) is often one and a half times longer than a telephone intervention.

What do young people talk to us about?

An empathetic study carried out by Messier allowed potential solutions to be identified. The report, presented in the fall, is filled with solid data on which to base future actions. And a small revolution happening right now at Tel-jeunes: a major 360 project has been developed with support from the Ministère de l’Éducation. The initial results and impacts of the project will be known in 2021–2022. The goal: to adapt to the various means young people use to get help and to respond to them better. Therefore, a portal, forum and new content are in the development phase. Stay tuned!

A much accessed website

More than 663,000 visits were made to the Tel-jeunes website in 2020–2021, compared with 433,660 the year before. The site has a wealth of information designed specifically for teens.

The first Tel-jeunes podcast

It was a very busy year for LigneParents with a 52% increase in requests. Tele-work, home schooling and all the impacts of the pandemic were very trying for parents. 

In order to go further and allow an even greater number of parents to find support during COVID, LigneParents and the Fédération québécoise des organismes communautaires Famille created Priorité Parents. With this service, parents contacting LigneParents could request a personalized follow up with a family community organization near them. This joint initiative was supported by the Fondation Lucie et André Chagnon.

What do parents talk to us about?

It's thanks to you that we're pursuing our mission

Throughout the past year, Fondation Tel-jeunes was busy maintaining and developing its ties with partners, many of whom answered “present” and supported the activities of Tel‑jeunes and LigneParents: essential backing in a time of crisis.

Since all fundraising events were cancelled, the team took advantage of the past months to improve its practices and ways of doing things. Fundamental work was done to build donor loyalty and to outline development strategies to be implemented in coming years. To take its reflection a step further, the foundation benefitted from the support of Deloitte, which provided its expertise to analyze individual donations, grants and events.

Despite cancelled events, a network that continued to support the cause!

Despite the cancellation of the Lobster Lunch, more than $610,000 was given to Fondation Tel-jeunes by participants who agreed to turn their ticket purchases into donations. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all those who are part of this incredible support network!

Thanks to Devimco!

A committed partner, Devimco Immobilier organized a golf tournament to benefit Fondation Tel-jeunes while respecting all health regulations. The golfers were happy to get together and contribute to the success of the event. The tournament raised more than $218,000. Thank you!

Finally, the generous businesses listed below raised more than $14,000. Thank you to:

Auto pour la Vie  •  Atelier New Regime  •  Boule de neige  •  Coffrets Prestige  •  Produits naturels BAÜM  •  Recettes en pot  •  Stylence Apparel  •  Yoga with Marie-Michelle Darveau

No holiday office party? The perfect occasion to share while supporting a cause!

Last December, numerous businesses found new ways to mark the holiday season. Among others, they took the opportunity to support causes dear to their teams, including Fondation Tel‑jeunes. Thank you to BBBL Architects, Cordiant, Fibrenoire, Fiera, RSA Canada and Trio Orange for your holiday initiatives, which raised close to $10,000!

Many businesses and private foundations donated to Fondation Tel-jeunes over the past year. To see them, we invite you to visit the Donors’ Circle online below. The Foundation wishes to offer them our sincere thanks and to emphasize their contribution. Thank you!

Donor's circle

A Tel-jeunes branded hoodie

The very first Tel-jeunes branded hoodie appeared at the height of the pandemic, when the organization’s workers were helping more and more youth in distress. Created by Stylence Apparel, the hoodie is available online. For every hoodie sold, $10 goes to Fondation Tel-jeunes.

In conclusion

The past year was undoubtedly a landmark year in many ways. Let's wish for a gentle return to calmer waters and the possibility of sailing together towards new horizons!

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