Impact report 2019-2020

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We help to boost the happiness of young people in Quebec by serving as a leading resource for them and their parents.

Thank you for your trust,

Thank you for your support.

As we look back on the past year, our memories are inevitably coloured by the current public health crisis. As this impact report is about to go to press, Quebec is still under lockdown and the number of distress situations continues to grow. The gains we have made are fragile and our lives can be turned upside down in the blink of an eye! As a result, we must focus on the essentials as we look back on the past 12 months with a clear-eyed gaze. More than anything else, human concerns must be our top priority in these difficult times. We would also like to acknowledge the hard work of so many people who have championed the cause of Tel-jeunes and LigneParents. Above and beyond the words we choose and the statistics and figures we cite, we would all do well to remember that these men and women respond with empathy and kindness, day in and day out, to the calls of young people and their parents and, in so doing, provide valuable support to thousands of families across Quebec. Each call, email, text message or online chat is first and foremost an exchange, a one-time relationship forged between two human beings. So let's set all the technology aside and concentrate on the most important aspect of our services: human relationships. First and foremost, we would like to thank the counseling team, who lie at the very heart of our organization, as well as all those who play less central roles. We also extend a very warm thank-you to our partners, donors, sponsors and friends of the cause—everyone who supports our organization and who believes, as we do, that each of us can make a difference in other people's lives.

Céline Muloin, chair and executive director of Generations and of the Fondation Tel-jeunes

Stéphane Fillion, chair of the Generations board of directors

Suzanne Gendron, chair of the Fondation Tel-jeunes board of directors

Making a difference for them

Over the past year, Tel-jeunes' counselors tapped into their reserves of professionalism, sensitivity and dedication in their dealings with thousands of young people who needed help dealing with the ups-and-downs of adolescence.

48,000 young people contacted Tel-jeunes over the past year.

What do young people talk to us about?

Each day, I speak with any number of young people who feel stressed out, overwhelmed, angry or sad. Sometimes, they are in great distress. Other times, they just need to see things more clearly or to vent. I'm very privileged to help them deal with all that and to make them feel a little bit better. Alice (Tel-jeunes counselor)
Hello! Just to let you know that you change people's lives and you're important. ❤️ Thanks. Adèle (18)
I got dumped and was feeling really down. The counselor helped me feel better and directed me towards some wellness tools. Louis (15)
Every time I cry and can't calm down on my own or with my friends, you're right there for me. You are my emotional superheroes, ha ha ha. Flo (16)

Giving young people an opportunity to flourish also means giving their parents the tools they need. That's why LigneParents' counselors are always there to listen and to allay Quebec parents' doubts and fears whenever they need to think things over or talk to someone.

16,200 parents contacted LigneParents this year.

What do parents talk to us about?

I felt all alone and didn't have the financial means or other resources to resolve the problem I was facing. The counselor I spoke with gave me advice and a few tools to help me deal with the situation. I never felt judged and that in itself is something priceless! Father of a three-year-old
Each situation is different, just as it is for each child. Working alongside parents means giving them tools, reflecting together on the situation and, most importantly, reminding them that they are the best parent for their child. That's why I'm proud to get up every morning. Geneviève, LigneParents counselor
Even though I don't call you all the time, just knowing that I can get in touch and that I'll be welcomed along with my emotions is a huge relief. Mother of a 10-year-old daughter

With your help, we are able to keep on carrying out our mission: thanks!

Major fundraising campaign

The money raised during the major fundraising campaign for 2017-2021 had a number of concrete and significant impacts. One of them was a large-scale technological renewal of our counseling services, which migrated to an omni-channel cloud platform. That made it possible to work from home during the COVID-19 crisis and to maintain our counseling services in response to the thousands of young people and parents who need our support and assistance, now more than ever. This campaign is expected to reach its target in late 2021, as initially planned. In December 2019, the Tel-jeunes Foundation team confirmed it had reached its fundraising target and conducted a thank-you tour for its leading donors.

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Benefit events

Generous community initiatives

Each year, dozens of people undertake initiatives in support of the Tel-jeunes Foundation. This extraordinary show of support helps our cause and fills our hearts with gratitude! Our hats are off to these generous people, who invest their time and rally their networks so Tel-jeunes and LigneParents can keep on fulfilling their mission.

Soirée Écho

Devimco, a loyal partner of the Tel-jeunes Foundation, held Echo Evening (Soirée Écho) on September 12, 2019, attended by its partners and clients. The event raised $169,000 for young Quebecers and their parents!

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Around 30 international winegrowers gathered in April 2019 for the fifth edition of this event, which is organized by Francis Martin and his team every two years. A total of $19,000 was donated to the Tel-jeunes Foundation.
Over the past 17 years, $1 per registrant has been earmarked for the Tel-jeunes Foundation. Since 18,307 people registered in 2019, $18,307 was donated. In addition, $4,570 was donated by Give-a-Seat, which provided discounted safety vests.
Club de trafic
By holding an airline ticket draw at the Lobster & Crab Dinner (May) and the Oyster Festival (November), the Club de Montréal donated over $18,000 to the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

On June 6, 2019, Uni-Select brought together its Quebec network of partners for its annual golf tournament, which raised $15,000 for the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

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Santa Teresa

PLUS1 exists to mobilize the collective efforts of artists into consistent effective action for dignity, equity, and access. Since 2018, PLUS1 and the Santa Teresa Festival have partnered to contribute over $10,000 to the work of Tel-jeunes. 

Je nage pour la vie

A total of 132 swimmers, ranging from 12 to 70 years of age, took part in the fifth edition of the "Je nage pour la vie" (I swim for life) Laurentians challenge, which was organized by Sylvain Miron on April 6, 2019 and donated $4,135 to the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

Défi de l'espoir

Over 240 young people participated in the twelfth edition of the Défi de l'espoir (Hope Challenge) in January 2020 at Mont Olympia. A total of $3,750 was donated to the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

Défi Nocturne

Organized by Armand Corbeil Secondary School, this moonlit family-friendly race attracted 400 runners of all ages in October. A total of $3,000  was donated to the Tel-jeunes Foundation.

Donors Circle

Helping young people in their daily lives

Tel-jeunes is involved in young people's daily lives. Whether at school, in social and traditional media or online, the team seeks to pass along relevant information, reminding teenagers that they are not alone and that the Tel-jeunes team is always available for any questions they may have.

In Quebec schools, the COVID-19 crisis brought Tel-jeunes' training activities to an abrupt halt. It should be noted, however, that prior to this interruption, Tel-jeunes' training services managed to meet with 14,700 young people and 2,500 school staff members

All about our training services

Media, social networks and collaborations

Annual Press Review (in French)

In conclusion

This is the end of a year filled of innovation, technologies, development. But, most of all, a year filled of human relationships... And this is exactly why we exist. Thank you.

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