LigneParents is a Tel-jeunes for parents. This confidential service is available around the clock and free of charge by telephone and everyday between 2 a.m. and 10:30 p.m by ch@t. It is provided by professional counsellors to all parents of children ages 0–20 in Quebec. Since its beginnings in 1981, LigneParents has helped more than 500,000 parents. Parents of young children (aged 0–5) are the most frequent LigneParents users.

The guide to the perfect parent doesn’t exist!

LigneParents professionals aim to guide parents in their parenting. Without judging, they adapt to fathers’ and mothers’ realities to support parents through whatever situation they may be experiencing. These professional counsellors lead users, who are often feeling disempowered or guilty, to reflect on how to regain confidence in their role as parents. By focussing its interventions on the present, LigneParents is a reference point at any time.

At LigneParents, parents find:

  • Guidance in their role as parent
  • A neutral and judgement-free place to confide in someone
  • Crisis support

What do parents talk about?

  • Their loneliness
  • Their difficulty dealing with their child’s adolescence
  • Their questions about their teenagers’ mental health
  • Their questions about their babies’ and preschoolers’ development
  • Their need to blow off steam and get some support

LigneParents also has a website full of useful information! is another way for parents to find useful information to feed their thinking and discussions. Whether they are wondering about their newborn’s or child’s development or wanting to better understand their teen’s changing behaviour, looking for information about drug use or any other subject, parents will find hundreds of articles about relevant subjects on this site.

Family is central to a balanced society. LigneParents believes our future stems from a happy childhood in a harmonious family, and so it works to understand and meet parents’ needs in the goal of facilitating the various developmental stages of life.

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